Your vehicle is a major investment, keeping it clean is important.

Taking it to Smith’s Car Wash Center is a great choice!

2 Convenient Locations

Smith’s Automatic Laser Car Wash Center

Laser Bay crpd2

421 West Morris Street
across from Kmart Shopping Plaza in Bath


Two state of the art, automatic touch free laser car wash system bays.

Touch free, with no brushes or bristles rubbing against your vehicle’s exterior.

Two self service wash bays. *

Choose from:

Wet Wash – $6.00

Regular Wash – $7.00

Deluxe Wash – $8.00

Ultra Wash – $9.00

Smith’s Self-Serve Car Wash

IMG_1081crpd 2

6906 East Washington St. Ext.
behind Smith’s Auto Repair Center


We have four self service wash bays with:

High pressure hot water presoak


Foam brush

High pressure wax


Low pressure spot free rinse

$1.75 for 4 minutes

Gift Certificates available at:

Smith’s Auto Body on E Washington Street Extension

VA Credit Union on Wilson Avenue.

Six Regular Laser Wash for $35.00

Six Ultra Laser Wash for $45.00

Both car wash centers provide features such as, pre-soak, high pressure hot water wash and vacuum cleaning systems to keep your vehicle looking good. A bill changer is available at each facility.

* Our Automatic Laser Car Wash bays are suitable for all regular vehicles, trucks and duallys, but we do not serve commercial trucks. Please enter the wash bays at the back of the building.